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The BWWA of North Bengal Frontier is functioning since 1988 and is instrumental in harnessing the creative qualities of the families of BSF personnel deployed under North Bengal Ftr. Besides that, the BWWA North Bengal Ftr has played an important role in planning & organizing several activities which, not only, have augmented the income of the families of Seema Prahari, but also have aimed at enhancing their skills and thereby, increasing their employability and generating confidence amongst at the ladies.

Some of the important activities taking place in the Ftr are Terracota making, Agarbatti making, Masala Grinding and Tea packaging. Approximately 100 ladies are engaged in these activities. Besides this, many ladies are working in such like activities in the welfare centres of the units also. The ladies are also involved in stitching of uniforms for the Jawan in their respective welfare centres.


MASALA GRINDING PROJECT : - The Masala grinding machine is installed in Kadamtala under BWWA North Bengal Frontier. Under this project 40-45 ladies are working. They prepare the masala and gram flour, after that it is packed by them.  These ladies are earning according to the number of packets they pack. The masala and gram flour is named as “Nature” which is used by all battalions and has huge demand in civil also. This product is popular for its purity.

TEA PACKAGING UNIT : -. A very fine quality of tea leaves plucked from nature is packed in Welfare centre.  They pack the tea in “Nature tea” packs and get the fixed amount per packet. Under this project 40-45 ladies are working.
INCENSE PROJECT : The ladies under this project make the incense and pack them. These fragrant incense sticks are sold at large scale.  In this project every month, 25 ladies are earning on rotation basis, so that other ladies also get the chance to earn.
CUTTING AND TAILORING : - North Bengal frontier has also emphasized on the concept of learning and earning.  Ladies are getting the training of stitching clothes and they stich the uniform for which they are being paid. They have learnt to stich combat dress, shirts, trousers, dangree and half pant etc. this has made them skilled in tailoring.
CLAY MODELS MAKING : - North Bengal frontier is enriched with fine artists also. These artists make beautiful clay statues, pots, decorative items etc. Statues made by them depict the culture and art of Bengal. The clay used to make statues is found in this region only.  These statues have great demand in Bengal as well as in FHQ, New Delhi.

COMPUTER AWARENESS CLASS : - In present global scenario, knowledge of computer is must in every sphere of day to day life. . Keeping this in mind Ftr is running a Basic Computer Awareness  course for BSF personnel’s wives and their children.  It has broadened their mental horizon and they are able to teach their children also.


BEAUTY PARLOUR :- For giving vocational training one beauty parlour is running in Welfare Centre.  Ladies of the frontier are getting the opportunity to learn beautician course from a professional beautician.  After getting the training some of the ladies are now able to open their own beauty parlour.

ENGLISH SPOKEN CLASS : - In present global scenario, English language is widely used in every sphere. It is an important mode of communication. Keeping this in mind Ftr is running a Spoken English course for BSF personnel’s wives. In this course ladies are taught how to communicate in English in different situation and become confident. It has broadened their mental horizon and they are able to teach their children also. Apart from this ladies are updated with current affairs so that they are aware of their surroundings.

BWWA OUTLET :-BWWA Outlet was opened on 6th June 2011 in North Bengal Frontier. BWWA outlet is mainly opened to sell various products made in the Welfare Centre.  Not only BSF but civil also get the chance to purchase it easily. All the products of Welfare Centre like statues, nature masala, gram flour, incense sticks, Nature Tea, cold drinks etc. are available in BWWA Outlet.   

Besides above, different educative and informative sessions are being organised for the families. Small courses like candle making, flower making are also conducting in the Welfare Centre. All the important days like Women’s Day, Health day, Environment day, BWWA Day etc. are celebrated in North Bengal frontier by conducting different activities for families. All the ladies & families of North Bengal frontier enthusiastically participates in BWWA activities.




DG visit at FTR HQ BSF NB on 29 April 2018.

Art of living happiness workshop.

Carrier counseling classes for   10th, 11th and 12th classes by Akash Institute.

International Women Day 2018.

BWWA Day celebrated at FTR HQ BSF North Bengal on 18 Sept 2017

Independence Day celebration-2017

Hariyali Teej celebration 2017

Parents day and Raksha Bandhan celebration 2017

BWWA Day celebrated at FTR HQ BSF North Bengal on 18 Sept 2016

International Youth Day-2016

Hariyali Teej celebration 2016

Parents day celebration 2016

World Population day 2016

International day drug abuse & illicit trafficking

Summer Camp 2016

World Yoga Day 2016

Blood Donation 2016

World Environment Day 2016

World Asthma & Hypertension Day - 2016

Mother Day 2016

World health day 2016

Holi Milan on 24 March 2016

Women's day celebrated at FTR HQ BSF Kadamtala on 8th Mar 2016

Programme organized on the occasion of World Cancer Day 2016

Career Counselling programme organized for wards of BSF Personnel at various locations under NB FTR 2016

Republic day celebrations at various Ankur Play Schools under NB FTR 2016